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Your Guide To Ordering The Perfect Chinese Take Away Online!

Chinese food is one of the most popular types of food to order online and is a firm favourite with many people from all different corners of the country! The options for Chinese food are staggering thanks to the long and influential history that this cuisine has had on the country.

Plate of pork stir fry with vegetables

Indeed, with so much on offer, finding a quality take away can be a mine field although the ability to order online has taken out the stress of finding an establishment that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Naturally the best way to find a decent place to order from will either come from your own knowledge e.g. a place where you have a history of being a customer or from the readily available reviews that you will be able to see if you join a site that has every take away in one place. Of course, ordering from a site such as these means you are privy to establishments that have been rated highly, or perhaps not so highly which means you get to make an informed decision based on reviews from other customers. The other good thing of course is that you simply enter your postcode which will bring up a list of establishments within your delivery area. Once you settle for an establishment, simply view the menu, make your choices and place an order.

The diversity of Chinese food on offer means that you will often be presented with a huge menu, although helpfully these are split in to rice or noodle dishes and meat or seafood dishes which makes this process much easier. Many places will give a brief description which may include how hot the dish is. If you fancy a dish but feel it may be too hot for your taste buds there is normally a handy little section when you place an order which is often called ‘special requests’. In this section you could say that you only want a minimal amount of chili on your dish. Or indeed the bravest may decide to go the other way and request more! Either way, gone are the days when you had to ring through these types of requests and is just another example of the simplicity of ordering online.

There are those that may not have ordered Chinese food before or perhaps you are in a new area and aren’t sure what is recommended. Of course you can always refer to those helpful reviews if this is the case which will make your online ordering experience even simpler!

Some of the most popular Chinese dishes to order include vegetarian spring rolls, the all important accompaniment of prawn crackers (a must for many with any Chinese meal) and noodle and rice dishes. In fact, the great thing about Chinese food is that you can order meat or seafood dishes with either a rice or noodle base. There are some pretty fantastic mixed dishes too or those that include a mix of both. A popular dish is Chow Mein and will almost certainly adorn the menu of most establishments.

However, dishes such as crispy duck with pancakes and satay dishes, often served with rice are equally pleasing. Satay sauce is a popular sauce and items such as beef chicken or prawn satay are typically served with rice. Seafood, particularly prawns and crab are equally popular and there are an array of different styles which include the popular Sweet and Sour dishes. Indeed, lobster is another, perhaps more luxurious item on the menu but absolutely amazing if it is cooked well!

Always check reviews for specific items, particularly the more expensive such as lobster before ordering. It would be a shame if you parted with your hard earned cash only to be disappointed if it’s been overcooked! Have a look what other people have said and if the review is positive you know that you will probably get a decently cooked lobster! Some establishments may be excellent at certain dishes but perhaps not so good at others and you can get a real feel about what you can confidently order online!

Chinese food will always be a firm favourite and indeed many take away establishments are willing to modify your order if there is something that you can’t find or if you want a milder dish. They also include an English section such as chips which may come in handy if you are ordering with a fussy family member!

It is quite refreshing to be able to go to one place to order your favourite Chinese take away. It really does take out the strain of looking through lots of different menus and it is extremely convenient and fits in with the modern and often fast paced lifestyle which we all seem to have these days!