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Your Guide to Ordering the Perfect Online Thai Take Away!

Being able to order the food we love at the touch of a button is fantastic. We are no longer limited in our choice, and we can try out delicious food that we haven’t experienced before! Thai food is the perfect example of the sort of take away that is readily available. Indeed, many years ago this wasn’t the case, however with the explosion of ordering take away online, we are given a staggering array of options depending on where we live.

Spicy Shrimp Pad Thai

If you haven’t ordered from an establishment before, how can you ensure that you are getting quality for your money? Well, to answer the first question, the perfect Thai takeaway should be one that consists of popular Thai dishes which include mouth watering Red and Green curries, Pad Thai (a highly popular dish that all authentic establishments will serve) and of course a whole range of different types of noodles with either meat or sea food. Thai food isn’t just limited to these dishes – this is just a small sample of the more popular dishes.

Thai food, for those whom are familiar is often characterized by lashings of lime, coriander and chili -think notes of sweet, sour and salty. Thai food tends to represent the different regions in Thailand and the food on offer will reflect this depending on the dish that you order. There are always of course the firm favourites which include the previously mentioned Red and Green curries served with rice. Thai red curry will include red curry paste, coconut milk, coriander and many other lovely little ingredients. It isn’t a heavy dish and is quite light and can include chicken or sea food. In fact, it is excellent comfort food and should definitely be experienced by those who haven’t tried it.

There are a stunning range of rice dishes available and good Thai take away will typically have fantastic little side dishes, or starters which may include deep fried squid or prawns with a sweet chili dipping sauce. The dishes are not typically hot as such but they are delicately spiced. This is not to say however that you cannot find a good array of hot dishes! This goes back to the point of Thai food being regional, however whatever you order, it is bound to be delicious provided you follow some helpful tips!

Right, you have decided on Thai food, perhaps for the very first time and the next step is locating an establishment that will deliver the Thai food that you are craving! Many establishments allow you to order online directly from their restaurant, however before you do that it is worth looking at one of the big online ordering sites which houses pretty much every type of take away known to man across the entire country.

The reason you should look at one of these sites first is because they have exploded in popularity and people use them regularly. And those that do use them regularly leave reviews – both good and bad. This will be particularly helpful before ordering your tasty Thai food because establishments over time, have been rated by users and of course the higher the rating, the more popular the food. The rating takes in to account the quality and indeed the quantity of food including delivery time which means you can put your faith in to an establishment knowing that it has a good reputation.

Before you do that, there will be an option to pop in your postcode where an array of restaurants on your area will come up. You will be able to see the ratings of each establishment and read some reviews which is a good idea to achieve a ‘balanced view’. Once you have decided on a place to order from, you will be

able to look at their menu. These days, restaurants have realised that customers want descriptions of the type of food that they are offering. For example, you decide to order Pad Thai but haven’t ordered it before how will you know what is typically included in the dish? This is where those handy little descriptions come in! You will be presented with a menu which includes a range of starters, sides and main dishes. Some also include a sundry and dessert selection.

Simply click on the item you want and it will be saved to your cart – it will tell you how much money you have spent and many give the option to split the bill with family or friends. Once you have ordered, you will be prompted to enter your card details although many places give you the option to pay cash on delivery. Once you have entered your address details you will get a notification to say that your order has been placed and a further e-mail to confirm that the restaurant has accepted it with an estimated delivery time. If you haven’t already created an account, this is recommended because you can leave your own reviews and will be rewarded with customer loyalty through discounts!